Educational projects

We hold workshops and lectures for students at schools, etc. with the goal of fostering successors (craftsperson) of Edo woodblock prints and promoting culture.
We mainly go to elementary schools in Tokyo, but we also have a track records at overseas art schools.
We hold the lectures to transmit the history and culture of Edo woodblock prints and the workshops to try printing with fun.
[Major educational projects in the past]
(Domestic) Woodblock prints production guidance.
(Citizen’s University, Bunkyo-ku, Chiyoda-ku, etc.)
(Domestic) Workshops for the students of elementary schools and junior high schools.
(Schools in Bunkyo-ku, Nerima-ku, Setagaya-ku, Shinjuku-ku, Machida-shi, etc)
(Overseas) Workshops for students.
(National Institute of Fine Arts in Laos, City & Guilds of London Art School in England, etc.)