Edo Wood-block Print & ULTRAMAN
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Edo Wood-block Print & ULTRAMAN
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We have reproduced the famous character "ULTRAMAN", loved by a wide range of generations, with traditional edo wood-block printing technique, which express three characters "ULTRAMAN", "ALIEN BALTAN", and "KANEGON" into the narrow spaced "strip".
Not only the enjoyment of design, but also the luxurious finish by the technique of Edo wood-block print, such as blur (bokashi), sprinkle with mica powder (kira zuri), emboss (kime dashi), and sprinkle with gold powder (maki sunago).

About Edo Wood-block Prints

Edo wood-block prints developed remarkably in the late Edo period by the activity of Ukiyo-e artists such as Katsushika Hokusai and Utagawa Hiroshige.
It is said they are the Japanese original multicolor wood-block prints and the root of Japanese printing technology. ULTRAMAN Strip-版木 That technology was established in the late Edo period when the townspeople's culture blossomed and has grown in the lives of people as a role of printing manually the media such as newspapers and magazines used by ordinary people everyday.
People in Edo period received latest information such as fashion, travel, and etc through Ukiyo-e.
This technology has been inherited by craftsmen for more than 150 years mainly in Tokyo until today.
The publisher is producing the art work while managing the painter, woodcarver, and printers by the same techniques and materials as Edo period.
Edo wood-block prints are designated as traditional craftworks of Tokyo and the nation.