Custom-made products

We are creating a custom-made products for corporate customers.
We offer a wide range of items, from print products with using traditional techniques of Edo woodblock prints to casual original products such as the towels, envelopes, etc.
We would like to propose the suitable item and price for you.

Custom-made traditional prints

Takahashi Kobo - Custom-made traditional prints We are creating prints and products with using the traditional technique of Edo woodblock prints. As per your request, we would like to propose you the suitable item, from reproduction of pictures and graphic art works to the postcards, bookmarks, envelopes, etc.
You can select the combination of traditional print technique and machine printing to reduce the cost.
Please feel free to request an estimation.

Custom-made products

Takahashi Kobo - Custom-made products We are creating various items from paper-made general goods such as fans, sticky tags, envelopes to tumblers.
We have been favorably commented upon our proposals for designs, items, and prices that are suitable for customer’s needs.
Please contact us freely.

Existing custom-made products

Ukiyo-e Cross Stripes Sharaku Brand name : DENTO-HOUSE
Title : “Koshi Sharaku (Cross Stripes Sharaku)”
DENTO-HOUSE is the project to redesign the traditional Japanese craftworks by famous graphic designers, Katsumi Asaba and Masayuki Nakajo.
By the design of Kastumi Asaba, Yakusha-e (actor prints) in lively motion by Sharaku Toshusai has reborn as impressive contemporary ukiyo-e. Using 8 woodblocks and printing 41 times to realize the fine expression such as the blurred lines and the gradation of colors.

2015 Produced ukiyo-e print “Koshi Sharaku (Cross Stripes Sharaku)” redesigned by Katsumi Asaba. (Order from DENTO-HOUSE of SAP inc.)
2016 Produced the reproduction of ceiling painting “Houou-zu (phoenix)”which was hand painted by Hokusai Katsushika. (Order from Shogakukan Inc.)
2016 Produced the print of Menja Stevenson “e/picture desk of master” which was exhibited at “Mercedes-Benz Art Scope 2015-2017 Breaching Imagination” exhibition.

Image of custom products

Ukiyo-e Fans / Strips / Decorative envelopes for giving New Year's gifts
Ukiyo-e Arranged small articles of ukiyo-e prints / Original small print articles / Sticky tags
Ukiyo-e motif products
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